Ringtail Possum

Ringtail Possum

Pseudocheirus peregrinus

Ringtail Possums almost exclusively live in trees in woodlands, rainforests, and suburban backyards. They sleep during the day and feed at night but always return to their nests made from grass and bark.

The Common Ringtail Possum, as the name suggests possess a tail with a white tip that sits in a ring. This possum is the size of a small cat with a silver-grey back and rusty orange legs, flanks, face and arms.

Ringtails are herbivores and feed on fruits, flowers and leaves. They sometimes eat their faecal pellets to ensure the maximum about of nutrition has been extracted.

Male Ringtail Possums are the only male in the possum family to remain with the female and help care for their young. During breeding season possums can get very noisy and heavy calls and grunts can be heard.