Australian White Ibis

Australian White Ibis

Threskiornis Molucca

The Australian White Ibis forage in wetlands, tidal flats, farm land, and grassland. Due to large losses in natural habitat they can also be found in large numbers in city parks, gardens and rubbish tips.

Ibis possess an almost entirely white feathered body with black tail feathers, a black and pink head, black neck and long bill. A small change in appearance occurs during the breeding season where a small pink patch on the underside of the wing turns a deep red.

The Ibis diet has changed to encompass human scraps as well as their natural diet of insects, crayfish and mussels.

Male Ibis enact a courtship ritual to attract females. He is noisy, shows aggression toward other males and bows from his branch to a female. He offers the female a twig and when accepted, they preen one another. Once the bond is made they fly to a breeding ground and build a nest together.