By: sum and cait
Species: Black Flying Fox
Date: 17.10.2022

About this flag

Black Flying Fox

  • Element 1: Emblem

    Behaviour - hanging

    Unlike birds, bats cannot launch their bodies into the air from the ground, because their wings don't produce enough lift to take off. If a roosting bat need to escape quickly, hanging upside-down means they are already in the perfect position to spread their wings and fly away.

  • Element 2: Pattern

    Behaviour - seed dispersers

    Flying-foxes create new forests by dispersing seeds from the fruit they eat. Flying up to 60km a night between food trees and their camp, they maintain the genetic diversity of native trees and reforest gaps in habitat. As the climate changes, this ecosystem service will become increasingly important to facilitate the flow of adaptive genes between trees and revegetate cleared land.